Software Development Services

Agile/Scrum Teams

Our Scrum teams have successfully delivered 25 software projects and have achieved significant software agility*

    *Software Agility = the continuous delivery of high quality, profitable software-based products
    that delight our customers.

Scrum is a lightweight project framework incorporating short release cycles, close customer contact, and a multi-functional development team to deliver software faster, cheaper, closer to specification, and of higher quality than other development methodologies. Our projects have included:

Data Analytics & Business Portal Creation

We are experts at obtaining, analyzing and presenting data from many disparate sources and providing up-to-the-minute, instantaneous reporting on your business. Using algorithms and AI techniques to automate the sourcing and delivery of information, we provide real-time, on-demand data that can be as detailed as an employee work log or as high-level as a running average of aggregate supply costs. An automated portal also provides fine-grained access controls: the convenience of having access to your critical decision-making information with access to each segment available to authorized users.

Process Simulation

When major companies need to test alternative manufacturing and industrial processes in a cost effective manner, they call Crossfire. Our team can simulate the timing and interaction of complex components through multiple process alternatives in real time. Our simulations have often been used to determine latency, throughput and minimal input inventory levels - as well as modeling stochastic failures and summing up costs associated with operational breakdowns. We frequently identify process inefficiencies prior to significant investment and provide important input into business processes that affect the building of new products and plants.

Dev Support Tools

Every IT team operating with complex, integrated systems develops a wish list of in-house tools that would make development, process improvements, and maintenance of systems simpler and more efficient. We can help by providing a smoother workflow in the form of custom solutions, such as: an ETL to keep output from multiple data sources consistent, a common gateway to provide a universal interface for all your applications and access to the most current data source, or an API that puts your data into the format that works best for each of your current and future interfaces. Our clients have made our Dev Support Tools the lynchpin of their highly productive IT teams.