The Top 10 Habits of a Highly Effective Hiring Manager

The Top 10 Habits of a Highly Effective Hiring Manager


1) List exactly 5 MUST- HAVE key skills required of a successful applicant. All other skills and/or capabilities should be labeled as NICE – TO – HAVE skills.

2) Think through and document in advance how to test and score the 5 MUST – HAVE key skills.

3) Use the Internal HR/Sourcing guidelines on pay and salary prior to publishing the spec in order to attract top talent.

4) Start screening applicants daily as resumes arrive.

5) Pre-interview applicants with a 10-minute Skype session before scheduling longer, more formal interviews.

6) Test and affirm that the 5 MUST-HAVE key skills are present in abundance. Never become enamored of new and different skills unrelated to the job specification.

7) Conduct two multi-person interviews within two weeks of the Skype session before a hiring decision is made.

8) Pen an offer letter as soon as the dominant candidate becomes evident.

9) Ensure that required background checks and drug tests are scheduled and performed quickly.

10) PLEASE make the new employees feel welcome by thinking through in advance and providing the training and education needed for them to be comfortable and successful in their first two weeks on the job.

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With 55 years of full time business experience and more formal education that the top .1% of America, Joe is our mix of Yoda, Bill Belichick and Cosmo Kramer. Joe leverages an incredible network of contacts in computing, telecommunications, financial systems, and human resources – each field in which he has college degree. Joe has served as a senior executive in 4 major corporations, and aspires to earn his 5th college degree (a Doctorate in Computer Science) in 2018.

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